Acoustic Shadow's new CD "Buzz Pie" is a collection of tunes about a fictional character "Stoney Bones Jones" and his adventures. Like many bands when we went into the studio (gadget box studio santa cruz, CA) we wanted to capture the energy of a live band and thats what we did, of course there were a few things that we fixed up, but for the most part this collection of songs is recorded live and full of stoney root rock energy. ~Check it out ~




The Band

Erik Rozite - vocals and guitar
Paul Stevens - Drums
Zac Clow - Lead Guitar
Bill "Shadow Man" Shaw- Bass
Wendy Wilkins - Keyboard
Jim Anderson - percussion
Brian Valentine - Harp

We are based in the redwoods of the santa cruz mountains (Boulder Creek CA)
You can find us on FACEBOOK. I hope you enjoy the tunes!

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